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Monday, February 23, 2009


ok so i know everyone is like "he talks all this rapping shit but i've never heard him rap" lol well here is an old freesyle with my man vaughn when i use to be in this group called Drama Squad [shout out to them BTW] but anyway yea this is when my rap name use to be nitty so yes that's me rapping first. ummm it's not good quality i could of did my verse over but i chose not to cause it was hot as shit in that booth lol but some parts are a lil pitchty and my delievery and the ad-libs could of been better but all in all i think it was an ok freestyle.....[sidenote:when my new shit come out you know that vlad shit...its gone blow shit like this that i use to do out the water BELIEVE DAT!]


Amillie Freestyle - Vlad ft. Vaughn


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