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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Been sidetrack lately

So I haven't been writing or recording any tracks lately mainlky because of school and the fact that quis has the laptop and he's been at work all week.

I remember when i first wanted to be a rapper. it was right after i saw the movie 8 mile. i mean that whole movie was dope. so once i saw that i was like fuck it im going to be a rapper. so i never wrote a bar or anything down but i wind up battling one of my friends named vaughn [shout out to him and the whole dramma squad] anyway we battled the whole walk home from school. i don't know if niggas was laughing at me because my rhymes were weak or if they actualy liked them. I just know when i started to put the pen to the pad i started to make tracks that peopple actually liked. Even the stuff that i thought was horrible people would say hey i liked that one or what not.

Summer 2006: i was 16 years old and i had wrote a couple rhymes and i was like fuck it i'm going to start taking this shit serious. my man Wally [shout out to noisemakers!] had this studio up 15th and master and shit. So i would go up there and i would get positive feed back from the niggas walking in and out the studio and from those on myspace when i created a account. That's when i realized i had a gift the skills to be a rapper, but i still didn't put my whole effort into it.

Summer 2008: after bullshitting for 2 years i was back at again. I listened to Lupe new CD and Kanye Graduation and those two Cds really inspired me as i rapper. So once again i hit the studio up but i only recorded one track because niggas was busy and what not and this one place i went to they was kind of expensive and a nigga had just quit his job so i was like fuck that i need this guap. So when im not recording i tend to get lazy so i stopped writing again.

Fall/Winter 2008: After listening to Kanye's 808s and heartbreak and stumbling across Kid CUdi mixtape a kid called cudi by accident i was like fuck that these niggas make beautiful music i want to do that. I listened to cudi mixtape 4 hours straight that night from front to back i did'nt go to sleep until 6am that night or should i say morning. The music just inspired me so much. I was having a lil writers block but the messgaes that were sent to me through their song helped me to get out of it.

Present day: Me and my man Quis finally got enough guap between the two of us to get our own studio popping off. Its not much but it's enough to get the job done. We need to figure out how to work this damn pro tools 8 to the max to make the sound and the quality of the music better but with time we'll learn to make great music. That's all i want to do at the end is make great music. I don't want to be remembered as the guy who had that one hot song and now i'm doing reality shows and shit. I want to be that guy who had the classic album, who can touch on more than one subject from politics, living in the ghetto school or money, bitches, and what not. When your down and you need that uplifting i want the sound of my voice to ease the pain. That's all i want in the end is for my voice to be heard.....

oh yea and want that paper too lol but overall i want my music to be felt...


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