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Saturday, November 21, 2009

No, that’s all wrong

Tonight, Colt McCoy will become the quarterback with the most wins in NCAA history … ever. Earlier today, Tim Tebow (Cap-Tim America) lead his team to 62-3 route. With that being said, this college football season has been booooooring!

Last year, Colt McCoy was robbed out of playing for the National Title by the exciting last-second of heroics of Michael Crabtree. And even if he’s on track to finally get his title shot, compared to last year his QB rating has plummeted, his yards are down, and his out-of-this world completion percentage is slowly reentering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Tebow had chance of becoming the greatest college football player ever, and at the least prove himself as a quarterback to NFL scouts. Tebow has only 14 touchdown passes. His rushing stats have been modest, with the exception of today’s game against Florida International (effing Florida International) he’s averaged a career-low 3.5 yards a carry. Worst-of-all, he took a hit. One minute he was having a vintage Tebow rushing-spree against Kentucky, the next he laying on the ground with a concussion. He validated every argument against himself, that he can’t pass, that he’s not a great runner, and that’s he won’t able to take hits in the NFL.

If Florida loses to Alabama next week, give the Heisman to Terrance Cody (defensive anchor of a defensively centered team; hero of the most exciting game this year).

If Florida wins and we have a Texas vs. Florida National Championship, don’t give the Heisman.

Not to Cap-tim America, he didn’t earn the distinction. To allow him to be one of only players to win the award twice would be a mistake, considering his season. And do not give ot to Colt McCoy, who had his division handed to him once Dez Bryant and Sam Bradford got injured. I watched Texa's beat their toughest opponent in the Red River shoot out, or should I say How long until Oklahoma’s defense breaks while Sam Bradford pouts on the sidelines? … Shoot out.


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