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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shake n Wake Silent Alarm Clock

I'd get one if they downsized it a little bit.

The Shake N Wake Alarm Clock(GBP 15; about $25) is a wearable alarm clock, which is worn on your wrist just like a watch, or you can place it under your pillow, and when the alarm sounds it will begin to shake and vibrate to wake you up.
"Strap it to your wrist or place it under your pillow and it’ll shake and vibrate to wake you up. This vibration alarm feature also means that the Shake-N-Wake alarm is useful for anyone with a hearing impairment, or that needs to be reminded to take medication regularly.
The optional bleep alarm means that it can also be used as a normal alarm clock and a backlit LED display guarantees that it’s easy to check the time in the dark. "

via LikeCOOL


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