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Friday, December 4, 2009

Best Songs of 2009

What You Need to Listen to Before Jan. 1st

Ready For Whatever-T.I.
The best argument for Second Amendment rights this decade. What does it mean to be a international sensation, and to have your best friend get killed in front of you without anyone being arrested.

"I'm dealing with depression from my partner dying next to me  ... [I] think since no one's arrested, they coming for me eventually/ This is what I was going through mentally ... Now is it that hard to understand, if you listen? Either die or go to jail--that's a hell of a decision"

Listzomania- Phoenix
Number one reason to wake up in this stressful year. The Anti-Recession.

"Houstatlantavegas"/"Goin In"/"Forever"- Drake
The women, the fame, and the Lil Wayne in Drake's life. Am I missing anything?

Run This Town- Jay-z with Rihanna and Kanye West
Kanye's verse outshines Hov's on his own song, this is a first. Rihanna is at once lyrical "walking, crawl against terrain" and also capable of carrying a hook by repeating "eh."

Calle Ocho- Pitbul
Como? Because it's the best thing to dance to, besides Baltimore Club.

Go Hard (remix)- Jay-z, T-Pain, and Kanye West (er, and DJ Khaled!)
Jay-z outshines Kanye on his own song, bringing the world back to order. "Philly goin say 'they cant't touch the bul.'

Put it Down- The Dream
Chorus of the Year: "I'm all up on you like a monster truck/ I'm all up on you, like 'shorty, what's up'?"

Angels- Dirty Money
A dark, fresh R&B song. We don't get those too often, but I haven't been listening to that genre much since Keri Hilson disappointed me, so what do I know?

Best Lyrics/Informative 
How I Got Over- The Roots
Casa Bey- Mos Def
Hard- Rihanna with Young Jeezy
"Stupid in Love" is not a good song. There, I said it. The beat already sounds dated.
Move- Q-Tip
Spaceman- The Killers
Good Enough-Joe Budden

Songs I loved to hate, then love again

I Love College- Asher Roth
The party song of the year had an anti-rape message, and that's good enough for me.

I'm on a Boat- The Lonely Island
Can't Believe It-T-Pain
As to why I love this song, the title says it all.

Every Girl in The World-Young Money
Drake drops the line of the year. Oh, "And we are Macc Mizzle, baby" I would buy ten copies of Mac Mane and the Mac Mizzles, if that album were to appear. I really would.

"Weird" Songs
What Would I Want? Sky- Animal Collective

Shove It- Santigold with Spank Rock
So maybe this song might've came out in 2008, ugh, shove it.
Whatchadoin?- Spank Rock and MIA (on NASA's album)
When I Grow Up- Fever Ray

Beautiful Songs

Beautiful- Eminem
On an album Em called "just rap records" (which isn't bad thing, considering his technical flow) this song had heart. Relapse 2, can't wait.
I Was Once a Loyal Lover- Death Cab for Cutie
"All my friends are forward thinking, getting hitched and quitting drink/ and I can feel them pulling away while I'm resigned to stay the same" The man has problems, but he also has Zooey Deschanel.
This Tornado Loves You- Neko Case

Genre Bending 
Good Ole' Fashion Nightmare- Matt and Kim
Brooklyn indie meets Rough Riders instrumental.
National Anthem-Lupe Fiasco
Radiohead, *the* serious band meets Lupe Fiasco, *the* serious rapper. Heads fly.

I Sing Myself

Kinda Like A Big Deal- The Clipse
"It's more than a feeling, ain't it? I be feeling, damn it. I'millie amillie amillie; eh, eh, eh"

C'Mon (On my Own)- Chester French

"[Kanye] said that they'd be drunk and hot girls, but I'm not tryna mess with no sluts." Indeed.

Songs About Girls
No You Girls- Franz Ferdinand
Pretty Girls- Wale and, for-crying-out-loud, Gucci Mane

The Category I Created for Kid Cudi
Cudi Zone- Kid Cudi

"I'ma zone out until I lose feeling, remember, I'ma be gone way past November."


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