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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Donald4SpiderMan Concept Comic Book Art.

Done by Chris Dabari & Chris Walker

Now this is better. I don't really think a movie with a black Spider-man would work. Mainly because Hollywood would fuck it up. Just like they did the most recent Spider-Man movie franchise. Organic webs? Get the fuck out of here. To the everyday movie Joe, that shit made perfect sense. But if you actually read the comics, it didn't make sense, it just raised a bunch of questions. Does it ever run out? If so, how does he refuel?
Anyway, I digress. Knowing Hollywood, they would have Black Spider-man raised in Marcy Projects. Instead of working at the Daily Bugle, he would be working at a barbershop or selling oils on the subway. But honestly, in this or any day & age, it's hard to believe an African-American teenager can land a job at one of the biggest papers in town. It just would turn into the Soul-Plane of superhero flicks.
Doing a comic book with Black Spider-man would actually be a better fit. Mainly because comic book writers have what most comic book movie writers lack...talent.


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