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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Album Review - Liberty Gigoloz "Nation"

Rating: YUUUUP! (see rating explanation)



3.The Clap
4.Eleven Thirty
5.The Liberty Gig
6.Seventeen Swords of Squankum
7.Hoez In The Back
8.Disco Stew (Fun For Everyone)
9.The Ghost of Earl Grey
10.It's A Gigaful
11.Hold Ya Neck
12.Whoop Yeah!
13.Hey Ladies
14.Carol Of The Bellz

(i know i said i was going to start tuesday but i did one to show you what it will look like)

This is an album from my fellow Philadelphia Brothern that they released in 2004 and is now available for download (I hope to work with these guys in the near future). These guys aren't your standard hip hop band as in The Roots. They incorporate humor within their lyrics. The production from the album is freaking awsome and they did it all on there own from scratch with instruments. The first track "Nation" grabs you into the album with it's great production and it gives you a kind of dark vibe which this album is nothing like. They have numerous catchy tracks like "The Clap" and "Eleven Thirty" but my favorite track by far has to be "The Ghost of Earl Grey". It starts of by saying "I want to put my balls in your mouth" and continues to talk bout putting balls in a female mouth. This track isn't putting women down but is hilarious once you give it a listen. Overall this is a dope album and I only recommend it to you if your into something different and not your typical hip hop.

Songs I can do with: All songs beside the two below

Songs I can do without: "Seventeen Swords of Squankum", "Hoez In The Back",


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Great review if I do say so myself.

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