"We Know this is a dope ass blog correct?"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Idea!

starting every tuesday i will review either an album i have recently purchased or a mixtape that i've downloaded. now since the blog is called yupimblogging i figure i will grade the mixtapes in a Trey Songs format lol:

yuuuuup = 5 u's is like 5 stars which = classic
yuuuup = 4 u's = dope
yuuup = 3 u's = good
yuup = 2 u's = bad
yup = 1 u = stop making music

ps: i know people say rappers shouldn't have blogs and give their opinion on other people music butni don't give a fuck. I do what i want ya dig?


Matt Gio said...

I don't know who says rappers shouldn't have blogs but I think they are mental. Its just another way to reach your fans. I think it's fucking brilliant.

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